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The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.

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Customer Data is the Foundation of Modern Marketing.

The CDP Institute educates marketers about the issues, methods, and technology used to manage customer data, with a special focus on Customer Data Platforms. Join the CDP Institute for free access to valuable information and insights.


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Selecting the Right Customer Data Platform For Your Business

mParticle offers 10 simple questions to ask to identify the right CDP for your needs.  Download now.

DL86 Segment LogMeIn Case.jpg

LogMeIn Case Study

Segment describes how Segment helped LogMeIn develop a standard way to access and use data to build better software for millions of customers.  Download now.

DL74 Ensighten Web Analytics.jpg

Web Analytics Liberation

Ensighten describes how enterprises are re-engineering their digital analytics to accommodate new channels and devices.  Download now.


From the Blog

Replacing “Marketer Controlled” in the CDP Definition

170417 Raab Objection

by David Raab, CDP Institute

Last month’s posts on Customer Data Platform objections and vendor replies have helped to clarify my own thoughts on CDPs. The most important insight has been that the “marketer controlled” piece of the CDP definition really represented the idea that CDPs are packaged software rather than custom development projects.  Read more.

CDPs, SCVs and DMPs – How Can Marketers Get Their Heads Around the Acronyms?

170404 BlueVenn Alphabet Soup

by Anthony Botibol, BlueVenn

It is becoming increasingly important for marketers to be able to take better control of, and make better use of, their data. Yet many do not willingly take on the role of a data scientist, and the world of marketing technology’s insistence on confusing acronyms do not make matters any easier. What is the difference between a CDP and a DMP?  Read more.


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