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The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.

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Customer Data is the Foundation of Modern Marketing.

The CDP Institute educates marketers about the issues, methods, and technology used to manage customer data, with a special focus on Customer Data Platforms. Join the CDP Institute for free access to valuable information and insights.


From the Library

DL65 Ascent360 BikeSource Mobile Data.jpg

BikeSource Case Study

Ascent360 shows how they helped BikeSource capture contact information at outdoor events and used it for satisfaction surveys. Download now.

DL26 CDP Eval Ingestion.jpg

CDP Evaluation Guide - Data Ingestion

Lists questions to ask CDP vendors related to data load, data structure, performance, and functions.  Part of a series to help buyers make an informed decision. Download now.

DL75 Lytics Buyers Guide.jpg

Choosing a Customer Data Platform

Lytics explains why you need a CDP, how CDP differs from other solutions, and what to look for when buying a CDP. Download now.


From the Blog

Five Reasons to Leave Your Marketing Service Provider for a Customer Data Platform

170222 Agilone MSP2CDPAsset 2

By Karen Wood, AgilOne

Marketing Service Providers (MSPs) are the old guard of omni-channel customer data management, but they have lost ground in recent years to the dramatically more agile and accessible approach of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) like AgilOne. For many brands, the question of switching from an MSP to a CDP is a matter of when, not if.  Read more.

Using CDPs to Support Analytics


By David Raab, CDP Institute

It may seem self-evident that the reason marketers create a unified customer view is to give customers a unified experience (or, more precisely, an optimal experience driven by unified data). But when the CDP Institute recently asked marketers to rank uses for a single customer view, “consistent treatments” was far down the list. Read more.


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