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The Customer Data Platform Institute is a vendor-neutral organization dedicated to helping marketers manage customer data.
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Mission: educate marketers and marketing technologists about how Customer Data Platforms can solve critical marketing data needs.

Activities: the CDP Institute provides vendor-neutral information about issues, methods, and technology related to customer data management in general and to Customer Data Platforms in particular.  Specific activities include publishing of educational materials, news about industry developments, creation of best practice guides and benchmarks, a directory of industry vendors, and an online forum.

Background: modern marketing requires a unified view of customer data to support coordinated, optimal treatment of each customer and prospect across all channels throughout the customer life cycle.  Customer Data Platforms allow marketers to create this unified view. 

Membership: individual membership in the CDP Institute is free of charge. 

Management: the CDP Institute is managed by Raab Associates Inc., a consultancy specializing in marketing technology and analysis.  Raab Associates defined Customer Data Platforms as a category in 2013.

Sponsorship: sponsors of the CDP Institute provide financial support and contribute content to the Institute Library.  Sponsorship is limted to vendors whose primary products are CDPs. 

Sponsors include:

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