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DL76 Lytics Access Intel Case.jpg Access Intelligence Case Study (Lytics) shows how Access Intelligence used Lytics to build unified customer profiles and use them for highly specialized marketing programs.   DL67 BlueVenn AAA American Automobile Association Case Study (BlueVenn) shows how AAA used BlueVenn to integrate near real-time data, historical behavior, and predictive models to deploy campaigns in online and offline channels.
DL65 Ascent360 BikeSource Mobile Data.jpg BikeSource Case Study (Ascent360) shows how Ascent360 helped BikeSource capture contact information at outdoor events and used it for satisfaction surveys.   DL60 AgilOne Blinds.jpg Blinds.com Case Study (AgilOne) shows how Blinds.com optimized its email, direct mail and social campaigns.
DL36 BlueConic Boston Globe.jpg Boston Globe Media Case Study (Blueconic) describes how Boston Globe Media grows its active subscriber base by delivering a personalized content and marketing experience across its distinct media properties.   DL88 Treasure Data GREE Case.jpg GREE Case Study (Treasure Data) describes how GREE uses Treasure Data to unify analytics, acquire new users and keep them engaged.
DL85 Segment Instacart Case.jpg Instacart Case Study (Segment) shows how Instacart improved its ordering process and shopper productivity with insights gains from Segment data.   DL61 AgilOne Lilly Pulitzer.jpg Lilly Pulitzer Case Study (AgileOne) shows how Lily Pulitzer identified customer segments and engaged them with personalized marketing messages.
DL86 Segment LogMeIn Case.jpg LogMeIn Case Study (Segment) descirbes how Segment helped LogMeIn develop a standard way to access and use data to build better software for millions of customers.   DL62 AgilOne Moosejaw.jpg Moosejaw Case Study (AgilOne) show how Moosejaw uses data to provide its customers with unique, delightful buying experiences.
DL89 Treasure Data Muji Case.jpg MUJI Case Study (Treasure Data) shows how MUJI drives online to offline sales with targeted rewards.   DL403 Ascent360 Omni Channel Case Study.jpg Omni-Channel Campaign Case Study (Ascent360) describes how Ascent360 helped its client find the best message and channel for each customer segment to grow its business and increase marketing ROI.
DL64 Ascent360 Thule Reengagement.jpg Thule Case Study (Ascent360) shows how Thule improved engagement with inactive customers.   DL90 Treasure Data Wish Case.jpg Wish Case Study (Treasure Data) shows how Wish transforms mobile shopping with data science.
















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