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ActionIQCDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

ActionIQ is the world’s leading Marketing Activation Platform, dedicated to giving marketers and analysts freedom and speed. While the major marketing clouds handle only 1% of customer data and interactions, ActionIQ provides marketers with the only solution that scales to 100% of their customer data, analyzes it at unprecedented speeds, and lets them build and launch marketing campaigns in hours versus weeks or months--all without calling IT.

The ActionIQ platform is simply the fastest way for Global 2000 companies to connect all of their first party digital and offline data, generate insights on what drives customer behavior, and directly connect with all of their marketing apps. The result is improved targeting, personalization, and scale across all marketing channels, and automation of the tedious work that analysts are asked to do to support marketing campaigns, freeing up their time to focus on strategic and innovative insights.

ActionIQ is based in New York City and backed by leading investors including Sequoia Capital and FirstMark Capital.

Web: www.actioniq.com     email: contact@actioniq.com    blog: www.actioniq.com/blog

Twitter: @actioniqinc    LinkedIn: actioniq    Facebook: actioniq


AgiloneCDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

AgilOne restores the personal relationships companies once had with customers before channel-specific marketing silos got in the way. AgilOne integrates customer data from all digital and physical channels, analyzes and predicts customer behavior, and lets marketers engage with customers at every touch point with consistent and deep personalization. With AgilOne, enterprises can maximize customer lifetime value by enabling marketers to fully know their customers and respond to them in an authentic way. The AgilOne Customer Data and Engagement Hub supports more than 150 brands worldwide.

AgilOne enables direct and responsive relationships between brands and consumers. By providing comprehensive support of complex data models and out-of-the-box data sources, including expansive sources for events and demographics, AgilOne cultivates deep customer relationships no matter how sophisticated a brand’s marketing reach becomes or how much data is required to drive effective marketing. Key differentiators for AgilOne include:

  • Robust out-of-the-box capabilities and configurability to unique business needs
  • Single source of customer truth across digital and physical channels, with continuous data mapping, cleansing, and deduping
  • Actionable analytics with industry leading predictive models and machine learning
  • Exclusive B2C enterprise focus
  • Experts to ensure success

Web: www.agilone.com     email: sales@agilone.com    blog: www2.agilone.com/blog

Twitter: @agilone    LinkedIn: agilone    Facebook: agilone




Ascent360 CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

Digital marketing is an unprompted, unpredictable, and volatile industry. The latest challenge is providing a complete view of customer data, no matter the source.  Ascent360 offers a SaaS platform that provides a 360-degree view of interactions with customers, including eCommerce, Point of Sale purchases and email communications.  The platform enables highly targeted, omni-channel communications direct to prospects and customers. 

Ascent360 addresses the market challenge in three specific phases: ‘Integrate, Analyze and Execute.’ In phase one, a proprietary Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Extract Transform Load (ETL) engine integrates any form of customer data silo. In the second phase, Ascent360’s portal delivers insights into individual customer’s geographical locations, lifetime values, average order values, and calculates a Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) score to allow for identification of high value and low value customers.  In the last phase, Ascent360’s digital marketing experts help clients to build and execute marketing campaigns for customers and prospects through digital and direct marketing channels such as email, Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match and direct mail.  Ascent360 offers services that test and measure online and offline campaign performance.   

Web: www.ascent360.com     email: info@ascent360.com    blog: www.ascent360.com/blog/

Twitter: @ascent360    LinkedIn: ascent360    Facebook: ascent360


BlueConicCDPI Founding Gold Sponsor.jpg

BlueConic is a Customer Data Platform built for marketers that harnesses the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem. The two key pillars of our value stem from a data management approach that allows you to identify the unique person, whether known or anonymous, as well as distribute all of the insight about that person to other systems that will also power interactions so that they can be absolutely the most recent and relevant possible. Sold as a software-as-a-service, BlueConic reduces the barriers to individualized digital marketing by solving for the two critical elements of achieving that ambition: recognizing that person whenever, wherever she interacts with the brand and synchronizing that information across the entire marketing ecosystem. Marketers need tools that work for them – at their level of technical aptitude, within the amount of time they have in a given day, and at a price point that mitigates risk and delivers a clear ROI. As important as BlueConic’s ability to deliver individualized marketing is the method in which we do so: by simplifying the process; prioritizing usability; increasing accessibility by decreasing the amount of resources required; and enabling marketing programs that drive best-in-class results.

Web: www.blueconic.com     email: info@blueconic.com    blog: www.blueconic.com/blog

Twitter: @blueconic    LinkedIn: blueconic    Facebook: blueconic


BlueVenn  CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

BlueVenn is a marketing automation platform for powerful customer analytics, omnichannel customer journey management, modeling and campaign execution. Aggregating data from all your marketing siloes, the BlueVenn customer data platform provides a single customer view for better insight and marketing capabilities.

Key features of the BlueVenn marketing platform include:

  • A unified customer view for an accurate, compliant, up-to-date, de-duplicated and enriched customer database.
  • ‘Train-of-Thought’ analytics to iteratively query large volumes of data, rapidly turning insight into action across all your channels.
  • Customer journey management to automate and execute complex omnichannel campaigns.
  • Powerful but accessible segmentation and modeling tools to target precise groups of customers.
  • Real-time personalization capabilities to create triggered and bespoke messaging, including personalized web content and cart recovery campaigns.

BlueVenn clients include ASOS, Subaru UK, The Washington Post, Gatehouse Media, Gannett, The American Automobile Association, Lego, Liverpool Victoria, lastminute.com and SunLife.

Web: www.bluevenn.com     email: marketing@bluevenn.com    blog: http://www.bluevenn.com/blog

Twitter: @bluevenn    LinkedIn: blue-venn   


CaliberMind CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

Founded by marketing technology veterans, CaliberMind is an AI powered, Journey Orchestration SaaS, used by buyer-centric B2B Fortune 500 and mid-market companies that have made the shift from rule-based marketing campaigns to machine-informed buyer journeys. CaliberMind makes B2B buying easier by delivering the right message to the the right buyer at the right time.

Web: www.calibermind.com     email: hello@calibermind.com    blog: https://www.calibermind.com/blog

Twitter: @calibermind    LinkedIn: calibermind  


Commanders Act (formerly Tag Commander)






Ensighten CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

Ensighten enables global brands to simplify the management of their data and technology investments so they can orchestrate smarter interactions across touch points. The company’s leading customer data platform (CDP) delivers enterprise tag management; robust profile creation and management; and powerful omni-channel data collection capabilities that bridge customer behavior information from web, mobile, digital advertising, Internet of Things (IoT) and offline sources. Using Ensighten, organizations can leverage rich, first-party customer data and profiles to fuel personalization and enhanced insight using their existing technology investments. Ensighten delivers industry best privacy and security safeguards, unparalleled scale and performance, and the deep integration with the broader digital marketing eco-system. Select customers include CDW, Hearst Corp., The Home Depot, Microsoft, State Farm, United Airlines and T-Mobile. Ensighten is headquartered in San Jose with offices in London, Sydney and San Diego.

Web: www.ensighten.com     email: info@ensighten.com    blog: www.ensighten.com/blog

Twitter: @ensighten    LinkedIn: ensighten    Facebook: ensighten




Lytics CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

Lytics helps companies automate personalized marketing experiences through its Customer Data Platform (CDP). Popular retailing, media, consumer goods, banking, and tech brands use Lytics to execute one-to-one marketing programs that their customers welcome. Lytics offers brands the following benefits:

  • Highly custom audience segmentation that reflects user behavior across channels (web, mobile, support, purchasing data, social, etc.).
  • Web personalization tool that allows marketers to execute personalized web campaigns in minutes.
  • Identity resolution between known and anonymous people so that brands can access accurate customer profiles in real-time.
  • Predictive, data science-driven insights such as “likely to buy” or “likely to churn.”
  • Content Affinity Engine that catalogues web content (topics, blogs, products, etc.), automatically tags it by topic, and provides insights into what resonates with individual users.
  • Customer journey reporting allowing brands to easily track key marketing events.
  • Integrations with dozens of marketing tools, including Marketo, Exact Target, Facebook Ads, and more.

Web: www.getlytics.com     email: info@getlytics.com    blog: www.getlytics.com/blog

Twitter: @lyticsio    LinkedIn: lytics    Facebook: lytics


mParticle CDPI Founding Sponsor.jpg

mParticle is the customer data platform for the multi-screen era. Only mParticle is integrated with all of the leading marketing, analytics, and data-warehousing solutions in a way that fully accounts for consumer behaviors and marketing opportunities particular to native apps and connected devices. That’s why more of the leading mobile businesses rely on mParticle than any other customer data platform. Accelerate speed-to-market with new mobile initiatives while enabling a single source of truth, accountability, and control across every screen.

Web: www.mparticle.com     email: www.mparticle.com/contact/    blog: blog.mparticle.com

Twitter: @mParticles    LinkedIn: mparticle-inc-    Facebook: mParticle-467401490025179/









RedPoint Global Inc.  CDPI Founding Gold Sponsor.jpg

RedPoint Global optimizes customer engagement across the enterprise, providing a customer data platform that delivers consistent, contextually relevant brand experiences across all interaction points. RedPoint’s technology taps into any and all data sources - structured or unstructured – while resolving anonymous to known customer identities using the most advanced probabilistic and heuristic algorithms.  The platform combines advanced analytics and real-time intelligent orchestration with precise customer views, providing a customer engagement hub that interconnects the vast ecosystem of marketing technologies through cloud and hybrid deployment options. 

Web: www.redpoint.net     email: contact.us@redpoint.net    blog: blog.redpoint.net

Twitter: @RedPointGlobal   LinkedIn: redpoint-global-inc    Facebook: RedPointGlobal


Segment CDPI Founding Gold Sponsor.jpg

Every customer has a story. Segment collects all of your customer data and sends it anywhere you need it. With Segment, you gain a deep understanding of your customers so that you can grow your business.

Web: www.segment.com     email: segment.com/contact/sales    blog: segment.com/blog

Twitter: @segment    LinkedIn: segment-io    Facebook: segmentio






TealiumCDPI Founding Gold Sponsor.jpg

Tealium revolutionizes digital businesses with a universal approach to managing the ever-increasing flows of customer data, spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT. With the power to unify customer data from a single source of truth, combined with a turnkey integration-ecosystem supporting more than 1,000 vendors and technologies, Tealium's Universal Data Hub (UDH) enables organizations to gain real-time, actionable insights and create richer, more personalized digital experiences. More than 700 global businesses worldwide trust Tealium to power their data strategies and data governance practices.

Web: www.tealiium.com     email: info@tealium.com    blog: www.tealium.com/blog

Twitter: @tealium    LinkedIn: tealium    Facebook: tealium


Treasure Data CDPI Founding Gold Sponsor.jpg

Treasure Data is the Live Data Management Platform that makes all data connected, current and easily accessible to the people and algorithms that drive business success. The platform provides turnkey connectors for 300+ data sources, flexible APIs to unify and analyze raw event-by-event data, and the mechanism to define workflows and drive business processes. Common use cases include data silo unification, omnichannel analytics, paid and content marketing optimization and cross-device attribution analysis.

Founded in 2011, Treasure Data has raised more than fifty million dollars in funding and is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Tokyo and Seoul. Its global customer base includes data driven Fortune 500 enterprises like Subaru and GE Healthcare as well as fast-growing startups like Wish, Quip and Pebble.

Web: www.treasuredata.com     email: info@treasuredata.com    blog: blog.treasuredata.com

Twitter: @treasuredata    LinkedIn: treasure-data-inc-    Facebook: treasureData




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