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Customer Data Platform Frequently Asked Questions (CDP Institute) describes how CDPs differ from DMPs, data lakes, and other types of systems; what's involved in implementing and operating a CDP; and how CDPs integrate with marketing execution systems.

  DL348 CaliberMind_Logo B2B Orchestration Engines (CDP Institute) explains how orchestration engines can help B2B marketers overcome limits of current systems to meet their need for personalization at scale.
DL277 CDP Industry Founding Years CDO Industry Profile (CDP Institute) shows key industry statistics including revenue, investments, and client counts.   DL311 Ensighten 15 Min Guide.jpg 15 Minute Guide to Customer Data Platforms (Ensighten) describes key CDP components, CDP core benefits, CDP types, and how to tell whether you're ready to buy one.
DL120 SurveyGraph5.png Best Practices in Building a Unified Customer Database (CDP Institute) shows which management practices are most common among firms that have successfully created a unified customer database.   DL68 BlueVenn Mythical Beasts.jpg Defeating the Mythical Beasts of Marketing (BlueVenn) follows George the Knight on his quest for marketing perfection.
DL83 RedPoint DMPvsCDP.jpg Data-Driven Marketing in the Age of Platform Confusion (RedPoint Global) clarifies the nature of a DMP and how it differs from RedPoint's approach.   DL77 Lytics Future Personalization.jpg Future of Personalization (Lytics) shows how marketers can unify and transform customer data into marketing return on investment.
DL72 Ensighten DMP.jpg Driving Value from Digital Advertising (Ensighten) shows how enterprise tag management and DMP systems can work together to transform the value of digital advertising spend.   DL99 RedPoint Golden Record.jpg Importance of Marketing Master Data Management and the Golden Record (RedPoint Global) explains why complex processing is needed to produce the most accurate customer data.
DL81 mParticle How to Build.jpg How to Build a Mobile Data Strategy The Right Way (mParticle) shows how to align product, marketing, and engineering to minimize wastage and maximize value.   DL97 ActionIQ eBook#1.jpg Marketing Freedom in the Midst of the Data Downpour (ActionIQ) shows how less technology can help marketers take best advantage of today's data flood.
DL98 ActionIQ eBook2.jpg Integration Liberation: Finding Marketing Freedom (ActionIQ) describes how a single platform holding all marketing data can give marketers control over their work.   DL80 mParticle Periodic Table.jpg Periodic Table of App Data SDKs (mParticle) illustrates the huge number of Software Development Kits that marketers can implement for different purposes.
DL73 Ensighten Omnichannel.jpg Marketing in the Moment (Ensighten) describes how to orchestrate real-time omni-channel customer experiences.   DL39 BlueConic Individualization.jpg The Four Competencies of Marketing Individualization (Blueconic) defines ‘individualization’ and describes how to get started, build momentum, and take off with it.
DL35 BlueConic Infogx.jpg The Benefits of a Customer Data Platform (Blueconic) is an infographic showing how a CDP improves the customer journey.   DL37 BlueConic CDP vs DMP 10 Ways Customer Data Platforms Differ From Data Management Platforms (Blueconic) clarifies the distinction between CDPs and DMPs.
DL69 BlueVenn Ultimate Guide SCV.jpg Ultimate Guide to the Single Customer View (BlueVenn) describes the characteristics of a Single Customer View, how it differs from a data warehouse, and key considerations in building one.   DL101 RedPoint CDP Supergraphic.jpg Customer Data Platforms Finally Get Their Moment of Glory in the Marketing Supergraphic (RedPoint Global) describes placement of CDPs in Scott Brinker's Chief Martech Marketing Technology Landscape.
DL84 Segment Ad Sources.jpg A Guide to Facebook and Google Ad Performance Analysis (Segment) describes ad campaign data and common use cases for ad analysis.      
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