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May 25, 2017

Specialized Storage for Customer Data

Couchbase Offers “Engagement Database” Tailored for Customer Data


Here’s a sign that customer data is increasingly important: open source database vendor Couchbase has introduced a “engagement database” that is says is new class of system, distinct from transactional and analytical databases. It’s optimized for real time interactions at scale, with key features including in-memory data, full text search, and mobile deployment. They’ve written a helpful white paper explaining the details.

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Detailed Study Finds People Won’t Read Detailed Studies


The need for speed extends to consumers: a study from content marketplace IZEA found that interest in “snackable” visual content is growing faster than any other category. Irony alert: the study touting snackable content is 89 pages long. Looks like there's a lot of good stuff, although I didn’t have time to get through it all. Download the full report here.

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Brands Should Avoid Snarky Social Comments: SproutSocial


Did that previous headline annoy you? SproutSocial says you're not alone: their latest social index study finds that snarky comments are the least-desired of all brand behaviors. Also, don’t talk politics, use slang, or make fun of competitors. Honest, friendly, and helpful are the way to go.

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