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February 10, 2017

CDP Geek Weekend: Data Lakes, Predictive Analytics, and Drone Racing

Zaloni Expands the Data Lake


Head down the right stairway in the right alley in any big city and you’ll find a bar full of martech geeks listening to blues music and hotly debating the definition of Customer Data Platforms. As the night wears on, you might hear someone arguing that a CDP is really just a freakin’ data lake with some end-user access tools. The logo on that person's hoodie might be Zaloni, which has just upgraded its Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform and Mica Self Service Data Platform to expand beyond Hadoop. Zaloni lets users access data in any location and build complex processes for ingestion, reformatting, and access. Arguing back will be someone pointing out that Zaloni doesn’t focus on marketing users or unifying customer data and anyway you’re ugly.

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54% of Users Consider Predictive Lead Scoring Effective: DemandWave Study


Of course, you won’t really find a bar full of people arguing about CDPs. Some might be debating whether predictive lead scoring is dead. Those who think the beer pitcher is half full might cite a DemandWave survey that found 54% of users consider predictive lead scoring effective, higher than the 50% rating for email nurture programs or 49% for Web personalization technology. Others might zing back an Oracle study that rated predictive analytics as the 7th most likely technology to improve customer experience, behind automation, smart analysis of customer data, and purpose-build mobile apps. No one will remember any of it in the morning.

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Drone Racing League Is A Thing

Ad Age

If this bar is any good at all, at least one TV will be showing the Drone Racing League, which launched year and now has sponsors including Bud Light, Toy State, and the German insurer Allianz. This has almost nothing to do with CDPs, although there’s sure to be a customer database of league fans somewhere. I just think it's cool there's a Drone Racing League.

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