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November 28, 2016

Agile May Slow Database Development; MapR Speeds Deployment; Verizon Expands Tracking

Survey: Companies Using Agile Methods are Less Likely to Have a Customer Database

CDP Institute

Agile development methods may reduce the chances of deploying a central customer database, according to a survey just released by the CDP Institute.  But companies that combined agile methods with long term plans had more databases than companies that used either method by itself.  Read the blog, download the report, and form your own opinions.

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MapR Introduces Machine Learning Powered Customer 360 Quick Start Solution


MapR, which combines distributed processing, event streaming, real-time analytics, and enterprise scalability in a “converged data platform”, has released a software-plus-services package called Customer 360 Quick Start.  The offering combines MapR’s big data and machine intelligence technology with data science staff for a five week project that assembles data and solves a specific marketing problem such as upsell or cross sell, segmentation, call center analytics, or content recommendations.

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Facebook, Google and Verizon Accelerate Tracking Despite Privacy Concerns


I’ve long doubted that serious data privacy regulation will happen in the U.S.   It seems that some pretty big businesses agree: according to this story, Verizon is merrily planning to combine online and offline data on its subscribers to allow ad targeting on par with Google and Facebook.   If there were much chance for a backlash against data collection, this would be bad news for companies building their own customer databases.  But chances are slim.

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