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January 18, 2017

CDP Industry to Reach $1 Billion in 2019

Customer Data Platform Industry to Reach $1 Billion in 2019: CDP Institute Report

CDP Institute

Sure, we’re biased but that doesn't make us wrong. Our latest report found 27 CDP vendors with just over $300 million revenue in 2016.  They're growing at better than 50% annually, which would lead to $1 billion in revenue for 2019. Download the full report for a vendor list, funding, client count, and other details.

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Sojourn Solutions Offers Data Extraction Tool for Oracle Eloqua

PR Web

Not willing to take our word that data access is a growing industry? My feelings are hurt but it will pass. Here’s a bit more evidence: marketing automation consultants Sojourn Solutions have just announced an application to extract data from Oracle Eloqua. It “eliminates manual workarounds and tedious exports”, which sure sounds like a good idea. The point being, there’s a widely-felt need to pull data out of operational systems and make it available to other systems. You know, like a CDP does.

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zeotap Raises €12 Million to Extract Data from Telecom and Other Systems


Still not convinced?  Process this: zeotap extracts data from telecom systems and makes it available for ad targeting. Business is good enough to justify a €12 million Series B. And, the company is expanding to gather data from other industries including security and navigation services. Case closed.

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