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CDP Institute 2023 Member Survey: Success in an Era of Limits (CDP Institute)

What is slowing data unification efforts and what might be the result? This survey of CDPI members has the answers, as well as other industry insights.

Ensuring Data Privacy Rights: Data Subject Requests in CDPs (Zeotap)

In the modern digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to protect data privacy rights. Zeotap explains how a customer data platform can help businesses do so.

CDP for Global Enterprises (Treasure Data)

This session with David Raab (Founder/CEO of the CDP Institute) explores how CDPs are used in global enterprises and what to look for in an enterprise CDP.

Take Your Data Foundation from Good to Great! (Tealium)

See how industry leaders Hanesbrand and Thryv created strong data foundations that enable them to better personalize customer experiences across all channels in real time.

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