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Data Quality for Marketers (Redpoint Global)

Business decisions rely on quality data. The CDPI and Redpoint Global explain how marketers can meet the challenge.

Customer Data Maturity Study (Treasure Data)

Customer data management is more important than ever. Treasure Data surveyed professionals around the world to learn where companies are struggling to meet the challenge.

CDP: Is it Really Your Single Source of Truth for Sales and Marketing? (Leadspace)

Leadspace Founder and CTO Amnon Mishor reveals the incredible promise of customer data platforms and what they mean for B2B Sales and Marketing in particular.

Webinar: How Synchronized On- and Offline Channel Execution Boosts HelloFresh’s ROI by 130% (CrossEngage)

In this webinar, HelloFresh and optilyz present an ideal case of combining offline and online channels in customer relationship management.

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