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Building the First and Zero Party Future: Thriving in a Privacy Centric World (Simon Data)

Access to consumer data is declining as consumers gain control thanks to GDPR, the loss of third-party cookies, and other factors. The CDPI and Simon Data explain how first- and zero-party data can give marketers success.

Future-Proofing Customer Experience in an Evolving Martech Landscape (Lemnisk)

Marketers need to act quickly to find CX solutions that won’t be affected by large market forces. Lemnisk explains how a CDP can help.

How to Build Digital Customer Relationships in Banking (NGDATA)

Doug Gross, CEO at NGDATA, throws light on how banks can build valuable, relevant relationships with the customer by means of real-time, personalized interactions.

Customer Data Platform: Best practice & use cases for retail & ecommerce (Data Talks)

Learn what a CDP is and how to act on the data it gathers.

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