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Self-Service Is Low Priority Analytical Feature: Matillion Survey

November 30, 2020
There’s always another survey. This one, from data transformation vendor Matillion, finds that data transformation takes 45% of the time spent on analytics projects, much more than any other task. Respondents were IT staff and data specialists, not business users, which may explain why self-service for non-technical users was a low priority feature. Portability, ease of onboarding, and cost-effectiveness topped the list.
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AppsFlyer-MMA survey indicates marketer concern over Apple iOS14 IDFA change is likely to grow

November 24, 2020
The AppsFlyer-Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) survey asked: 1) How aware marketers are of Apple’s Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) changes that will require apps to get consumer consent before transmitting data to third parties, and 2) how problematic those changes would be. While 37% reported not being familiar at all or not being very familiar with the changes prior to the survey; 56% of all thought the impact would be negative, but of those already familiar, 73% thought it would have a strong negative impact.
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