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Half of Revenue Teams Think They’ll Never Return to The Office

February 22, 2022
This Groove survey of sales leaders also finds that CRM tops their investment priorities at 52%. It doesn’t mention CDP but does put new data sources second at 44%. The main headline is that 46% of revenue teams don’t plan a full return to the office, ever. Raining on that parade: Outfunnel found that companies with a fully remote work structure have the worst sales-marketing alignment and are least confident of reaching their revenue goals.
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Global survey of 5,000+ in UK, US, EU & Latam finds consumers would share data – but not without transparency

February 22, 2022
The Axway survey shows differences in sentiment between regions, but key takeaways are: 1) consumers (90%) want to know what data is collected on them; and 2) individuals (85%) want to bock mobile apps from collecting data without consent. Problem is, only 32% of respondents think they know where their data is stored, and 82% worry it may not be secure.
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