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January 23, 2017

Looker, Kount and Aprimo All Make New Connections

Looker Connects to Amazon S3 Data Lake Through Amazon Athena


Looker is a data access and analysis tool that logically restructures SQL data sources. That is, it lets analysts create metrics, dimensions, transformations, table relationships, and other structures needed for SQL queries without physically reorganizing the data.  A different Looker interface then lets non-technical users examine the data without writing SQL. Looker just announced integration with Amazon Athena, which allows SQL queries against data in an Amazon S3 data lake (which itself is not a SQL database). In simpler terms: Looker sends SQL queries to Athena which gets the answers from S3.  In even simpler terms: marketers can query a big pool of S3 data. That could include the customer data you'd want in a CDP.

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Kount Adds Whitepages Pro Identity Graph to Its Data Orchestration Hub

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Kount offers fraud detection services to merchants and payment processors. They have a “data orchestration hub” which combines a client’s own data with third party data from Neustar, Experian, LexisNexis, and others. That’s kind of CDP-ish, although a true CDP could be used for more than fraud detection. They have just added the Whitepages Pro global identity verification service as a data source.

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Aprimo Updates Integration Framework for Marketing Operations


Aprimo has gone through several evolutions but now positions itself as cloud-based marketing operations software. It just announced an expanded integration framework of APIs and Web hooks to simplify connections with other marketing management systems. This is not about customer data.  It's about data for marketing processes such as planning, budgeting, project management, media buying, content creation, and measurement. The basic organizational unit is a marketing “activity” such as an email campaign or media buy. I'm just including it as a reminder that marketers need more than customer information.

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