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November 15, 2019

Adobe Releases Its Real-Time CDP

Adobe Releases Its Real-Time CDP


Adobe has officially released its Real-time Customer Data Platform, after many pre-announcements. It’s like the wedding night of a couple who have lived together for years: fun but no surprises. They also released new customer journey analytics and journey orchestration products, also previously in beta.

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Oracle Adds Master Customer Record Management for B2C


More big tech news: Oracle has launched a B2C version of its Customer Data Management service, which was previously available for B2B organizations. Components include a customer data hub to maintain a master customer record, a.k.a. “golden record”, data quality services using AI and third party data sources, and global address verification.

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Salesforce Moves Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure


Lest we neglect Salesforce and Microsoft: those two have expanded their relationship by moving the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Microsoft Azure. The switch will improve performance, enhance scalability, and reduce deployment times. Not that those were problems. The companies also plan to connect Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds with Microsoft Teams.

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