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November 18, 2019

CDP Users Have Better Business Results: Forrester Report

CDP Users Have Better Business Results: Forrester Report


How confused is everyone (except you, Dear Reader) about CDPs? This Forrester survey of marketing and sales leaders found that 89% of say they have a CDP but just 11% are actually creating a unified customer profile, which is the core CDP function. Better news: those 11% are 3.4x more likely to report double-digit revenue growth than everyone else. Lots of great info here.

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Digital Experience Leaders More Likely to Have CDPs in Place: Simpler Media Group Study

Simpler Media

Simpler Media Group pegged CDP deployment at 22% (including other customer data management systems) in a survey of executives from marketing, IT, CX, and other areas. Companies with effective customer experience systems were more likely to have a CDP or customer data management system in place. Other interesting results on personalization, artificial intelligence, privacy, and other issues.

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AI Leaders Prioritize Data Management: Accenture Survey


We might as well finish with another survey. Accenture found that companies who are “strategically scaling” artificial intelligence are getting better results than companies that just do Proof of Concept tests. The strategic scalers are also more likely to invest in data management. No explicit mention here of CDPs but you get the idea.

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