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November 21, 2019

Experian Connects Mobile Ad IDs to Other Identifiers

Experian Connects Mobile Ad IDs to Other Identifiers


Marketers are struggling to identify customers in the face of increasing privacy restrictions. Experian is offering a new solution that uses signals from multiple sources to connect Mobile Ad IDs (tracking codes associated with mobile devices) to other identifiers. It’s part of their MarketingConnect identity resolution product.

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Most Consumers Will Trade Data for Benefits: Tealium Survey


Whether consumers want their mobile devices matched to other identifiers is another question. This Tealium survey found that 97% are at least somewhat concerned about protecting their privacy and 91% want tighter government regulation. On the other hand, 75% would share personal data in return for discounts or exclusive benefits.

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Starburst Raises $22 million for Distributed SQL Queries


Linking customer IDs is just the start to building a unified customer view. Marketers also struggle to connect information across different data stores. Starburst just raised a $22 million Series A for its system, which enables SQL queries against multiple data stores. It’s based the open source Presto distributed query engine.

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