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January 24, 2017

Advertising Outside the Walled Gardens: Viant Buys Adelphic, NinthDecimal Adds Acxiom Data, Tapad Enhances WideOrbit

Ad Audience Builder Viant to Acquire Adelphic Ad Buying Platform


Time Inc.-owned Viant, which manages device-based advertising profiles for 1.2 billion users, has signed an agreement to purchase Adelphic, a cross-channel programmatic ad platform. The combination will make it easier for ad buyers to reach consumers within the Viant universe. Viant sees the deal as providing an "open Web" alternative to advertising within “walled gardens” such as Facebook, where the garden owner controls ad delivery, pricing and data.

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NinthDecimal Adds Acxiom Data to Its Location-Based Ad Targeting


Let’s just stick with ad targeting today. NinthDecimal builds location-based audience segments and delivers programmatic ads to them through a network of 75,000 mobile apps and other display partners, plus integration with more than 15 external ad platforms (DSPs and DMPs). It has just announced it will enhance its information with household and other data from Acxiom, including clients’ CRM data matched to NinthDecimal audiences. The data will be used for targeting and ad performance measurement. So this is another pairing of ad audience data and delivery, again outside the “walled gardens”. In fact, Acxiom has an initiative called “open gardens” to the contrast explicit.

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Tapad Partners with WideOrbit to Better Target Programmatic TV Buys

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Tapad is yet another company that builds device-based ad audiences. They’ve teamed up with WideOrbit, which has several ad management products for media companies. The result will be a programmatic TV-buying platform powered by Tapad’s device-level audiences. It’s not clear exactly how this will work (the company didn’t respond immediately to my questions) but it seems the Tapad data will profile the audiences of TV shows, providing more detailed information than otherwise available. The information will then drive programmatic purchases of TV ads. The system still won't serve TV ads to specific individuals.

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