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December 9, 2019

Sprinklr Buys Nanigans’ Social Advertising Business

Sprinklr Buys Nanigans’ Social Advertising Business


You may think of Sprinklr as a social listening platform, but they see themselves as “world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels”. In practice, Sprinklr handles messaging and collects data from customer-facing systems like CRM and marketing automation without fully replacing them. Sprinklr just expanded a bit further by purchasing Nanigans’ social advertising business.

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Kustomer Raises $60 Million for Omni-Channel Customer Service


Kustomer also promises to unify data from all sources, although it clearly positions itself as a customer service solution that would replace a conventional CRM. They connect directly with many channel, ecommerce, and survey systems but also have an integration to read data from the Segment CDP. Kustomer just raised a $60 million Series E, bringing its total funding to $173.5 million.

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Customer Data Leaders Taking Data Management In-House: Forrester Study for Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital

Customer experience vendors highlight their data unification features because disjointed data is a major pain point for their buyers. This Forrester study commissioned by Deloitte Digital makes exactly that point, finding that companies have an average of 28 customer data sources and are struggling to bring them together. Leaders are significantly more likely than laggards to bring customer data management in-house.

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