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December 10, 2019

WalkMe Raises $90 Million for Digital Adoption Platform

WalkMe Raises $90 Million for Digital Adoption Platform

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I was all set to make fun of WalkMe for calling itself a “digital adoption platform” as if that were an actual software category – only to find it really is one: TrustRadius lists a dozen products in the field. These are systems that watch user behavior and make suggestions to help them learn new products. WalkMe just raised $90 million, bringing its total funding to $307 million.

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83% of Companies Replaced a Marketing System Last Year: Third Door Media Study

Third Door Media

One reason Digital Adoption Platforms exist is that companies keep adopting new systems. Third Door Media found that 83% of marketers have updated or replaced at least one application in the past year. Many interesting tidbits here: half the replaced systems were three to five years old; half the companies didn’t retrain existing staff to use the new system; integration was as important as features or cost when selecting new commercial software. Projects were equally split between replacing homegrown and commercial software, but the report doesn’t say how many companies started with each type of system so we don’t know which is more likely to be replaced.

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Personalization Drove 5X Conversion Rate Gains: Monetate Report


You may have read some recent articles claiming that personalization is a failure that marketers will or should abandon. Unlikely. If the topic comes up at your company, feel free to cite actual data from Monetate, which found that personalized pages in the U.S. had 5.6 times higher conversion rates than non-personalized pages during the recent Black Friday to Cyber Monday period.

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