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January 7, 2020

BigID Raises $50 Million More for Privacy Tech

BigID Raises $50 Million More for Privacy Tech


I guess we’ll eventually feel that privacy technology is over-hyped and stop paying attention to it. But that hasn’t happened yet, so you probably still care that BigID has just raised a $50 million, bringing their total funding to $146 million. BigID helps companies find personal data in their systems and has recently added products to fulfill data access requests under privacy regulations.

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IoTex Releases Blockchain-Powered Home Camera

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Blockchain has already passed the point of overexposure. So the folks at IoTeX are probably clever to couple it with privacy in their announcement of a “blockchain-powered private home camera”. If you’re puzzled how blockchain can power a camera, you’ll be relieved to learn that it doesn’t: IoTeX uses blockchain to validate user identities.

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More than 30% of North Americans Regularly Use Dark Web: PreciseSecurity Survey


Consumers may already be using more privacy tech than we think. PreciseSecurity found that more than 30% of North Americans used the “dark Web” regularly in 2019. If you’re asking for a friend, the “dark Web” refers to portions of the Internet that are hidden from search engines and can be accessed without leaving a trace (or so we’re told). Reasons for using it include online anonymity, retrieving locally blocked content, and overcoming government censorship.

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