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January 17, 2020

Segment and Others Launch ‘Platform of Independents’ to Fight Vendor Lock-In

Segment and Others Launch ‘Platform of Independents’ to Fight Vendor Lock-In


CDP Segment and 200 of its closest friends have launched the “Platform of Independents”, a collection of companies that pledge to build technology doesn’t lock users into any one CRM platform and makes it easy to share data across departments. Sort of like a CDP is supposed to do.

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DuckDuckGo Will Be Alternative Search Engine on Android Devices in EU

ZD Net

Avoiding a different type of lock-in, Google last week announced that privacy-safe search engine DuckDuckGo won its auction to be offered as an alternative search provider in Android devices across all 31 European markets. The auction was a result of anti-trust action by the European Union. Info.com will also appear in all markets while PrivacyWall, Qwant, Yandex, and GMX split third place.

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Verizon Media Offers Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Verizon Media

Try not to laugh: telecommunications giant Verizon has launched its own privacy-focused search engine, named OneSearch. They promise to avoid cookies, data sharing, storing search history, or tailoring search results to previous behavior. The product is from Verizon Media, which will fund it by selling ads targeted only (well, mostly) on the current search keywords.

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