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January 23, 2020

AppsFlyer Raises $210 Million for Mobile Attribution

AppsFlyer Raises $210 Million for Mobile Attribution


Mobile marketing attribution and ad fraud prevention AppsFlyer has raised a $210 million Series D, bringing total funding to $294 million. The system integrates with several thousand other products, opening the door to more than just analytics. In fact, they already provide audience segmentation, treading gently onto CDP turf.

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Customer Attention Metrics Improve Mobile Ad Effectiveness: Forrester Study


What information do mobile advertisers really need? This Forrester study for Yieldmo argues that customer attention is a critical information, even though 84% of marketers can’t measure it today. Guess what Yieldmo does.

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Major Advertisers Launch Plan to Avoid Harmful Content

World Federation of Advertisers

Fraud and brand safety are also major concerns in the advertising world. The Global Alliance for Responsible Media, a coalition of giant advertisers and media companies, has announced its plan to address the problem by identifying and avoiding harmful online content. Coalition members control nearly $100 billion in media spend, a significant chunk of the $600 billion or so total.

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