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January 24, 2020

ID Resolution Tops List of Features Expected for CDP

ID Resolution Tops List of Features Expected for CDP: Forrester Report


Add this to your pile of CDP trivia: a Forrester report for Bluecore finds the most expected CDP features are identity resolution (35%), predictive segmentation (34%) and personalized recommendations (34%). If that seems odd, bear in mind that data integration and unified customer profiles weren’t listed as choices. Identity resolution was also the highest answer for CRM, at 40%, and marketing clouds, at 30%, even though it’s something both types of systems are notoriously bad at. Go figure.

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Front Raises $59 Million Series C for Smarter Inbox


Few people expect email systems to do identity resolution, thank goodness. But Front is adding many other functions to your inbox, mostly to combine email, texts, direct messages, and other inputs in one location and to support collaboration with (or against) co-workers. They just raised a $59 million Series C, bringing their total to $138 million.

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Consumers Value Email Despite Too Many Messages: DMA Study


Pivoting to consumer email, here’s a report from Pure360 and the Data & Marketing Association. It holds few surprises: people want fewer emails, they sign up mostly for discounts and offers, and most think the majority of their emails lack value. That said, they still prefer email over other channels for most purposes.

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