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January 29, 2020

SECURITi.ai Raises $50 Million Series B for Privacy Compliance

SECURITi.ai Raises $50 Million Series B for Privacy Compliance


Here’s a sign of the times: SECURITI.ai positioned itself as a privacy vendor instead of an AI vendor when it could have chosen either one. They just raised a $50 million Series B for a collection of tools that uses AI to automatically find personal data in a company’s systems, track consent, and fulfill data access requests. The company has also just launched freemium and self-service portals.

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Privacy Returns $2.70 for Every Dollar Spent: Cisco Survey


Privacy compliance is a profitable investment, according to this Cisco survey. They found companies receive an average 2.7x return on each dollar spent. Benefits including greater customer trust, improved operational efficiency, higher agility, and faster sales cycles.

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Human Factors Key to Digital Transformation Success: Infosys Report


Digital transformation is another project that often feels more like a burden than a benefit. Infosys confirms that progress has been slow, with the proportion of companies at the most advanced stage of “visionary” remaining at 22% in the past three years. The most successful firms focus on empowering employees and improving customer experience rather than operational efficiency.

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