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February 27, 2020

CDP Use Extends Beyond Marketing: Segment Report

CDP Use Extends Beyond Marketing: Segment Report


People who say CDPs are only for marketing might want to reconsider: 26% of Segment clients send data to customer success tools and 15% send to CRM systems. This from Segment’s state of the industry report, which includes a rare look at actual usage data. Download to see what other myths they’ve busted.

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Exacaster Launches CDP for Telcos

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Predictive analytics and marketing automation vendor Exacaster was all set to launch its teleco-specific Customer Data Platform at the MWC conference in Barcelona this week but then the conference was canceled due to coronavirus. They’ve launched anyway from their home base in Lithuania. Industry-specific CDPs are increasingly common and telco is one of the more popular specialties.

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Shoppers Want More Personalized Promotions: enVista Survey


Retail is another industry supported by several specialist CDPs. Speaking of retail (see how I did that?), this enVista study finds big gaps between the personalization that retail shoppers want and the personalization they’re getting. For example, 74% of shoppers want personalized promotions and discounts but just 35% of retailers have implemented that successfully.

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