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February 28, 2020

Thunderhead Announces Automated Individual-Level Journey Design

Thunderhead Announces Automated Individual-Level Journey Design


Customer journey orchestration engine Thunderhead has announced a ThunderBay, an AI-driven platform that creates individual-level optimized cross channel journeys. The system deals with the interdependencies among events, history, time, and path which overwhelm conventional methods. All good, even though the press release includes a gratuitous swipe at “CDPs and their ilk.” Ilk?

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Validity Buys 250ok to Expand Email Services


Email deliverability may not be as sexy as customer journey engines and their ilk. But it’s also complicated and arguably more important. Validity, which offers a collection (an ilk?) of email-related products, is adding deliverability to its stable with the acquisition of 250ok.

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Data Breach Shows Clearview AI Sold Facial Recognition to Private Companies


It seemed little more than a rare bit of cosmic justice when someone stole the user list of privacy-busting facial recognition service Clearview AI. But there’s more to the story: while Clearview claimed it sold only to U.S. domestic law enforcement agencies, the list includes many foreign entities and private businesses including Macy’s, Walmart, and the NBA. So they were an even bigger danger than it seemed – if you were foolish enough to believe them in the first place.

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