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March 3, 2020

mParticle Raises $45 Million More

mParticle Raises $45 Million More


There’s nothing like a juicy CDP funding to start the week. mParticle has obliged with a $45 million Series D extension, bringing its total to $121 million and vaulting it from ninth to fourth place on the most-funded-CDP list. They also announced a LiveRamp partnership to append external identity data to a company’s own information.

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LiveRamp Launches Safe Haven for Private Data Sharing


LiveRamp has its own news: a Safe Haven platform that lets brands and publishers share data directly. These “second party data” deals are increasingly common as companies try to compensate for the loss of third party data without being trapped in the walled gardens of Facebook, Google, and Amazon. I’m toying with “walled puddles” to describe the mini-gardens of data from the smaller publishers.

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Piano Combines First Party and Zero Party Data for Publishers


No one worries more about the loss of cookies than DMP vendors, whose business was built on them. Piano, which sells a DMP along with other audience management technologies, is trying to combine its first-party DMP with “zero party data”, the industry term for information that consumers provide voluntarily. The resulting platform, Piano Zero, offers features to collect that data and use it for segmentation and ad targeting.

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