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March 5, 2020

Chatbot from Intercom Answers Questions Before You Finish Asking

Chatbot from Intercom Answers Questions Before You Finish Asking


We have no real news today so let’s just amuse ourselves with tech. We’ll start with a “second-generation support chatbot” from Intercom, which answers questions as soon as users start typing. You might find that rude but the vendor says it shows the system truly understands customers’ problems. Feel better?

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Automation Anywhere Bot Can Repeat Mindless Tasks

Automation Anywhere

Also on the bot front, we have Discovery Bot from Automation Anywhere, which doesn’t talk to you at all. It just watches and figures out how automate things you do repeatedly. The goal is to discover business processes but I guess it could also stalk your ex on Facebook.

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Jellyfish Optics Finds Best-Performing Visual Content

PR Newswire

Not quite a bot but close: digital agency Jellyfish has leveraged the Google Cloud Vision API to analyze performance of video and dynamic ad content and recommend the best-performing items for new ads. You could have people do that but it would be a lot of work and nowhere near as impressive.

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