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March 13, 2020

Marketers Make the Best of Coronavirus

Marketers Make the Best of Coronavirus


Many marketers are taking advantage of coronavirus as tactfully as they can. Companies announcing free or expanded services to support home workers include Zoom (video conferencing), Microsoft (collaboration), Google (videoconferencing), Evolve IP (collaboration), StarLeaf (video conferencing), Vidyo (video conferencing), Oneclick (remote access), Odo (remote access) and Trustifi (email encryption).  Further afield, we have Cappasity offering its 3-D online demo software to large retailers and, perhaps most creative, CampTek providing a bot to manage conference cancelations.

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YouTube Sells Ads on Coronavirus Videos


Meanwhile, our considerably-less-tactful friends in the social media world are focused on near-term revenue. Alphabet-owned YouTube has announced it will allow ads to run in videos about coronavirus, reversing an earlier policy intended to help advertisers avoid unpleasant associations. They still won’t check whether the videos share misinformation.

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Deep North Raises $25.7 Million to Analyze Retail Video Feeds

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Back to business as usual: video analytics platform Deep North has raised a $25.7 million Series A. Deep North watches retail shoppers to understand behaviors such as traffic patterns and items purchased. Cool and not too creepy, assuming it's all anonymous.

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