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March 17, 2020

Proxy Raises $42 Million for Phone-Based ID System

Proxy Raises $42 Million for Phone-Based ID System

Globe Newswire

Proxy sells a mobile phone app that broadcasts an identity signal, avoiding the need for keys, ID cards or passcodes. It’s secure in that the signal is a single-use, encrypted token that only makes sense to user-authorized devices. But all bets are off if a phone gets lost or the user just wants a few moments of privacy. Anyway, they just raised a $42 million Series B, bringing their total to just over $60 million.

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USA TODAY Joins Facebook Fact Checking Program


Let’s stay positive. USA TODAY is joining Reuters, Associated Press, Agence France-Press, and others in Facebook’s third-party fact checking program, which flags misleading content on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, there’s no reason to believe Facebook will actually block false content but we’re trying to stay positive, remember?

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Vox Media and Google Partner to Help Local Publishers

Vox Media

Here’s another half-full glass: Vox Media is working with the Google News Initiative to launch Concert Local, a centralized ad marketplace for local publishers. Google’s aggressive business tactics are a good part of the reason local publishers need help in the first place but remember: half a crumb is better than none.

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