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February 3, 2017

BlueConic Offers Recommendations, Radius Offers to Clean Your Data, Aprimo Offers a Survey

BlueConic CDP Adds Recommendations Engine


Customer Data Platform vendor BlueConic has added a recommendation engine to its product. The engine works at the individual level, draws on profiles assembled by BlueConic, and can drive messages delivered by BlueConic. The company says customers have seen 30 to 50 percent higher click-through rates compared to existing recommendation tools.

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Radius Adds Continuous Data Cleansing Service


B2B predictive analytics vendor Radius has been placing more emphasis on leveraging its multi-source database of information on 20 million businesses. The company’s latest venture is Radius Data Stewardship, which provides continuous data cleaning for a client’s CRM and marketing automation data. This is definitely not a CDP but (a) it could update CDP files and (b) it illustrates the increasing range of customer data sources and services. Also (c) it’s nice to talk about B2B every so often.

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74% of Marketers See Agility as Key Challenge; Bureaucracy Is Biggest Obstacle


A Forbes Insight report, sponsored by marketing operations platform Aprimo, found that 74% of marketers cite “agility of marketing operations” as a key challenge. While technology was the top-ranked success factor for agile marketing (cited by 45%), it ranked just eighth as an obstacle (cited by 17%). Bureaucracy (47%) and proving ROI (37%) were obstacles number one and two. You can spin those numbers any way you want but my take is most people feel their technology is more or less adequate and are finding organizational issues as their biggest problems.

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