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July 26, 2020

Openprise Launches B2B CDP

Openprise Launches B2B CDP


We have some actual industry news today, Dear Reader. Data orchestration vendor Openprise has launched Openprise Agile CDP. The system focuses on B2B data management including unification, enrichment, normalization, and lead-to-account matching. It also enables users to create automated business processes such as lead routing.

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Unacast Launches Social Distancing Dashboard


So many companies are offering free use of their software to at-home workers that I can’t even list them. But location data vendor Unacast has taken a different approach, developing a “social distancing dashboard” that shows how much people are reducing their daily travel on a state and county level. The practical value is probably limited but gives you something to explore.

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Consumers Want to Hear from Brands During Coronavirus


Many marketers are torn right now between putting out messages that show they are addressing coronavirus and just saying nothing. The 4A’s advertising trade group sheds some light on the dilemma with research that found 40% of consumers want to hear what brands are doing in response to the pandemic compared with just 15% who don’t want to hear from them at all. Even more (56%) liked hearing about actions such as donations of goods and services while 43% said it was just reassuring to hear from a brand they know and trust.

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