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March 30, 2020

Informatica Adds Salesforce and Microsoft Connectivity

Informatica Adds Salesforce and Microsoft Connectivity


As customer data gains more attention for corporate IT departments, traditional data management vendors are stepping up their game. Here’s a set of updates from Informatica, including expanded data parsing, cleaning, and deduplication. Most intriguingly, they’ve also added connectivity Salesforce and to Microsoft’s Common Data Model.

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Zoom Patches Latest Privacy Flaw


Your new best friend, Zoom, has been gossiping about you behind your back: Vice discovered that Zoom’s iOS app sent behavior details (but not identities) to Facebook when people used the Facebook log-in. That particular leak has now been fixed but Zoom has a history of privacy issues. Here’s some advice from Wired on how to reduce your risk.

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Event Marketers Increase Integration with Other Systems: Bizzabo Survey


And for a bit of instant nostalgia: remember when we traveled to industry events and saw live people up close? Event tech vendor Bizzabo just published a survey about such craziness, finding that 85% of respondents considered events critical to success and nearly two-thirds planned to increase event budgets this year. One big trend was increased integration between event systems and CRM and marketing automation platforms.

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