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April 8, 2020

SugarCRM Adds Data Integration Platform

SugarCRM Adds Data Integration Platform


SugarCRM, which long ago expanded to include marketing and customer service solutions, has added a data integration platform to connect with external business applications. It’s one more example of making external data available to customer management systems. You know, like you do with a CDP.

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One-Quarter of Companies Frequently Import Third Party Data: Dresner Advisory Services Study


Enriching data with information from third parties is one important integration use case. Dresner Advisory Services reports that 25% of companies do it frequently or constantly. There’s plenty more here in this 101-page report on data preparation, including feature lists and vendor rankings.

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Protecting Personal Information Is Most Common Use of Encryption: Ponemon Institute Study


Enrichment is good, but not if it’s done with stolen data. Encryption is one way companies avoid that. This Ponemon Institute study found that Protecting customers’ personal information is now the most common reason for using encryption (54%). The most common challenge (67%) was discovering where sensitive data is stored in the organization – something else a CDP often helps companies to do.

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