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April 9, 2020

Hubspot Launches Revamped Web Content Management System

Hubspot Launches Revamped Web Content Management System

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Hubspot has added a new Web content management system to its collection of sales, marketing, and service modules. It’s hard to slap a label on every-changing Hubspot, which is approaching the scope of cloud marketing platforms from Adobe, Salesforce, and such. Old-timers will recall that Web content management was the core of Hubspot’s original “inbound marketing” position.

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PlaceIQ Buys FreckleIOT in Latest Location Data Consolidation


You weren’t terribly interested in Tuesday’s news about the merger of location data collectors Factual and Foursquare, Dear Reader. So I’m not sure you’ll care much that PlaceIQ is buying FreckleIOT. But it’s still worth paying attention: location data plays an increasing role in personalized customer experience and lets marketers measure real-word campaign impacts.

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Okera Raises $15 Million for Data Access Controls


You were even less interested in data privacy vendor Privatar’s $80 million Series C. But I'll still mention this $15 million raise by Okera, which is also helps companies to discover and manage access to sensitive data. Some day you'll thank me.

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