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April 10, 2020

80% of Marketers Lack Daily Updates on Cross-Channel Results

80% of Marketers Lack Daily Updates on Cross-Channel Results: Datorama Study


Just 20% of marketers have real-time or daily access to cross-channel marketing performance data, according this study from Salesforce’s Datorama. Only 33% say they have “excellent” marketing data integration and management. No surprise but it’s why we keep reporting on data integration technologies.

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New Whitelist Helps Local Media Attract Programmatic Ad Revenue

PR Newswire

On a cheerier note: the Brand Safety Institute and Local Media Consortium have developed a Local News Advertising Whitelist to identify brand-safe local media outlets. The idea is to help revenue-starved local media attract more programmatic ad buys from national advertisers.

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Brand Risk and Ad Visibility Improved Last Year But Ad Fraud Did Not: Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science

As it happens, brand risk fell in the second half of last year, according to Integral Ad Science. Viewability was up but fraud results were mixed: ad fraud rates rose for campaigns that were not optimized to prevent fraud and were roughly stable for campaigns that were.

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