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April 15, 2020

One-Third of Home Workers Wear PJs During the Day

One-Third of Home Workers Wear PJs During the Day: Monday.Com Report

Business Wire

I never expected to write that headline and you never expected to read it, Dear Reader, but such are the times. Two-thirds (69%) of respondents to this Monday.Com survey said they enjoy working from home more than they expected and 54% said they’re more productive than at the office. Things are so bad that I’m printing this without a link to the full survey.

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Beyond Identity Launches with $30 Million Funding for Password-Free Security

Beyond Identity

This story is more important but less interesting: Beyond Identity has launched with the promise to replace passwords while increasing security. It works by giving each device a highly secure encryption key, which applications use to authenticate identity through API or SDK connections. Credibility comes from the company founders, who are industry pioneers Jim Clark (Netscape and Silicon Graphics) and TJ Jermoluk (@Home Network). That, and $30 million in funding.

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Customer Experience is Top Goal for Digital Transformation: TEKsystems Survey


Back to surveys. TEKsystems found that making improving customer experience is the top goal for digital transformation programs (72%), making information accessible across the organization is the most important action for success (61%), and integration of technology, systems and platforms is the most common benefit (46%). They don’t mention Customer Data Platforms but these are all CDP memes.

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