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April 20, 2020

One-Third of Responders Seeing Fewer RFPs

One-Third of Responders Seeing Fewer RFPs: Loopio Report


Consumer responses to the pandemic have been widely reported but less is known about B2B buyers. Here’s a survey from Loopio, which makes software that helps companies respond to RFPs. As of early April, 33% of respondents had seen a drop in the volume of RFPs they received and another 35% said it was too early to tell. Sixty percent were working from home for the first time although just 12% said remote RFP collaboration was a top challenge.

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ZoomInfo Adds B2B Intent Data


Intent data is one way to get an idea about future purchases. Business data compiler ZoomInfo is on the case, with a new set of B2B purchasing signals derived from ZoomInfo-owned Datanyze and other sources. Clients can get alerts for target accounts or companies in tightly defined market segments.

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Edited Raises $29 Million for Product Information Archive


Shifting to a different type of data compiler, Edited has raised $29 million for its archive of product information. It’s not just any archive, mind you: they track promotions and pricing on more than 2.5 billion SKU across 90,000 retailers going back for eight years. It’s more fun than, well, something.

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