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April 23, 2020

Arm Treasure Data Adds Connectors, Privacy Controls, and Journey Orchestration

Arm Treasure Data Adds New Connectors, Privacy Controls, and Journey Orchestration

Arm Treasure Data

We have a rare bundle of CDP news for you today, Dear Reader. Let’s start with Arm Treasure Data, which just announced early access to a new customer journey orchestration module, 20 new data connectors, and improvements in privacy compliance, platform administration, and user identity federation.

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Tealium Adds No-Code Integration Builder


CDP Tealium is also upgrading its connectors. They have added a no-code interface that lets non-technical users set up integrations to the AudienceStream CDP and EventStream API Hub. Citizen integrators of the world unite!

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CDP Audiens Takes $8 Million Strategic Investment from NHN


Finally, CDP Audiens announced an $8 million strategic investment from South Korea’s NHN Corp. In addition to cash, Audiens will gain access to data from NHN’s game, payment, IT and advertising businesses.

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