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April 27, 2020

Business Rose at 94% of Companies Investing in Data Quality

Business Rose at 94% of Companies Investing in Data Quality: Dun & Bradstreet Study

Dun & Bradstreet

Sales and marketing results improved at 94% of companies that increased their data quality investment and fell at 74% of those that didn’t, according to this Dun & Bradstreet study. Quality had its greatest impact on basics including sales prospecting and closing, insights, and campaign execution, and the least on advanced goals including personalization, online/offline alignment, and Account Based Marketing. Bear that in mind when you’re justifying your next quality investment.

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Marketers Trail in IoT and Augmented Reality Deployment: Boston Consulting Group Report


Adoption of advanced technologies always lags behind the hype. Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are two well-worn examples. Boston Consulting Group and PTC found deployment has been concentrated in heavy industry, technology, engineering, and aerospace: that is, businesses involving equipment maintenance and manufacturing. So don’t be surprised that marketing use is lagging.

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Chief Digital Officers Are More Likely from IT Than Marketing. Mindtree Research


Digital transformation occupies a meta-hype class of its own. Marketers will be pleased that this Mindtree study found Digital Officers are most successful at improving digital experience. They’ll be less happy to learn that the vast majority of CDOs come from IT (69%), while just 8% come from marketing or sales.

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