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April 28, 2020

Most Companies Have No Strategy to Optimize Martech

Most Companies Have No Strategy to Optimize Martech: DemandLab Report


More than half (53%) of companies have no strategy to optimize their martech stack, according to this Ascend2 survey for consultancy DemandLab. Ease of use is the capability they most want to improve while insights is the most important feature they seek. Speaking of marketing stacks: here’s a game where you compete to build your own.

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NBCUniversal Adds Shoppable Content to TV and Web Sites


Shoppable content is a big trend right now. NBCUniversal is adding its bit with NBCUniversal Checkout.  It will let consumers make a purchase by scanning a code on the TV screen or Web page, which will take them to an online shopping cart.

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Household Targeting Will Dominate TV Ad Buys: Viant Report


If you want a broader view of where TV ads are headed, this study from Viant shows that linear (traditional) TV is losing ground but new options including programmatic linear TV and connected (Internet-delivered) TV are growing. They see household-level TV targeting as the way of the future.

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