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May 15, 2020

Datavalet Creates In-Store Marketing Campaigns via Wi-fi

Datavalet Creates In-Store Marketing Campaigns via Wi-fi


Remember when retailers competed to give the most enticing personal experience, and not on being least likely to cause a deadly disease? In-store wireless network provider Datavalet just released a reminder of those simpler times: a system that tracks visitors through a wi-fi network, builds profiles by ingesting purchase and behavior data, and executes rule-based marketing campaigns in real time. It can also connect to external marketing campaign systems and messaging apps.

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Syncsort’s New Name Is Precisely


Speaking of old-school, do you remember when offices had “postal meters” to send “mail”? (Come to mention it, do you remember “offices”?) Those postal meters were likely made Pitney Bowes, which also had a software business related to customer data management that until it sold it last December to data integrity vendor Syncsort. Syncsort today renamed itself as Precisely.

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IT Staff Sees Cost and Service Levels , Not Happy Customers, as Biggest Integration Benefits: Cleo Report


CDPs are increasingly used by corporate IT departments, so it’s worth understanding how IT staff thinks. Integration platform vendor Cleo found that IT sees the biggest benefits from improved integration as reduced cost (66%) and meeting service level agreements (57%). Happier customers come in third at 53%. IT finds legacy applications to be the biggest integration challenge, a position marketers are more likely to share.

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