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May 18, 2020

Facebook Buys Giphy for $400 Million

Facebook Buys Giphy for $400 Million


Facebook is purchasing .gif platform Giphy for a reported $400 million. Half of Giphy’s traffic comes from non-Facebook properties, so the deal will expand Facebook’s ability to observe and profit from behavior elsewhere. The deal won’t put a dent in Facebook’s $60 billion cash hoard.

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Most Consumers Unaware of Data Privacy Regulation: Integral Ad Science Study

Integral Ad Science

Nearly all consumers (88%) are aware that Web sites and apps like Giphy collect their data for advertising purposes, according to Integral Ad Science, even though many fewer want that to happen: just 41% would trade personal data for personalized ads on a social media site like Facebook. A startling 55% are not aware of any legislation that regulates use of their data.

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Half of B2B Marketers Expect a Budget Cut: Wpromote Survey


Facebook isn’t just for consumer marketers: it’s the most widely used channel and most effective lead generator for B2B marketers, reports B2B agency Wpromote. Their survey, taken in February, found for the first time that more B2B digital marketers started the year intending to focus on brand awareness (31%) than quality leads (25%). Wpromote thinks the pandemic reinforces that priority but they also report that 49% of marketers now expect a budget cut, compared with just 13% in February.

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