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May 19, 2020

NortonLifeLock Flags Bots in Your Twitter Feed

NortonLifeLock Flags Bots in Your Twitter Feed


About five percent of all Tweets come from bots, with a rate as high as 20% for trending hashtags like #COVID-19, according to a study from NortonLifeLock. Perhaps more interesting, they just released a free test version of a browser extension that can classify individual Tweets in your personal Twitter feed.

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Infogix Expands Features to Analyze Streaming Data


You’re never terribly interested in non-CDP data management technology, Dear Reader, but I still like to remind you occasionally that it exists. So here’s a random piece of news that data quality and governance vendor Infogix has upgraded its Data360® platform to validate the quality of streaming messages in Kafka and added a tool to visually research data assets.

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CyberArk Buys Idaptive for User Access Controls


You also have little interest in security or access management, but those are important too. So I’ll mention that access management vendor CyberArk is spending $70 million to buy Idaptive, which uses AI to identify questionable access requests.

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