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May 21, 2020

Facebook Adds Ecommerce to Profile Pages

Facebook Adds Ecommerce to Profile Pages


Ecommerce within social media platforms has been a trend for some time and the pandemic makes it even more important. So it’s not surprising but still worth noting that Facebook has launched Shops, which lets small businesses set up an online store within their Facebook and Instagram profile pages. There’s no altruism here: Facebook will charge a small fee for sales and expects this will generate more advertising.

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Contentsquare Raises $190 Million Series D for Ecommerce Analytics


Ecommerce is already booming without Facebook’s help, in case you haven’t heard. Contentsquare supports the industry with advanced analytics and AI-powered recommendations, evaluating ten trillion (with a “t”) consumer interactions per day. They just raised a $190 million Series D, brining total funding to $310 million.

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Pega Checks for Bias in AI Decisions


AI-powered recommendations are great but racial, gender, and other biases are a known problem. Customer engagement vendor Pega has added Ethical Bias Check, which simulates the results of an AI-driven strategy and checks if results skew towards or away from a particular group. We don’t know how well it works but give them credit for trying.

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