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May 27, 2020

CDP Celebrus Adds Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

CDP Celebrus Adds Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

D4T4 Solutions

It’s a bit of a grab bag today, Dear Reader. First some CDP news: CDP Celebrus has added a collection of real-time machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. The list includes 50+ behavioral signals detected by machine learning; streams of real-time content recommendations; detection of unusual customer behaviors; and signals based on text analysis.

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Uberflip Launches Integration Marketplace


Next, we have content experience platform Uberflip launching a marketplace to connect data sources, personalization engines, tracking tools, and more. You could read this as Uberflip trying to put itself at the center of its clients’ marketing stack, but it’s probably more aimed at simplifying connections with systems that supplement Uberflip’s own capabilities.

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Partnerize Buys BrandVerity for Brand-Safe Partnering

Business Wire

And an acquisition: partner management platform Partnerize has purchased brand safety platform BrandVerity. The deal will make it easier for Partnerize clients to ensure the affiliates are complying with rules for how brands can be presented. Did you notice that everything’s a platform these days?

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