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May 28, 2020

Salesforce and Microsoft Add Workday Integrations

Salesforce and Microsoft Add Workday Integrations


The latest phase in pandemic marketing is announcing how you help companies reopen. Cloud-based workforce management vendor Workday is on top of the trend with a new integration with Salesforce’s Work.com office safety suite. Workday also announced integration with Microsoft Teams and availability on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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ZoomInfo Ups the IPO Ante to $800 Million


Another sign of creeping normality is that ZoomInfo is moving ahead with its Initial Public Offering, planning to raise up to $800 million at a valuation of nearly $7 billion. It’s more ambitious than the $500 million IPO announced in early March, before COVID-19 shutdowns hit hard.

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Gatsby Raises $28 Million Series B for Services-Based Web Development


In another bit of business-as-almost-usual, open source web development framework Gatsby has raised a $28 million Series B, bringing its total to $47 million. You may have thought WordPress, Drupal, and others had the open source Web CMS business locked down, but Gatsby lets developers create Web sites by stitching together separate cloud-based services. It’s APIs all the way down.

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