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June 4, 2020

Google Sued for $5 Billion for Tracking Incognito Browser Sessions

Google Sued for $5 Billion for Tracking Incognito Browser Sessions


Lots of privacy news today, Dear Reader. Let’s start with a $5 billion class action suit against Google for collecting information about people using the “incognito” browser mode. It’s unclear whether the case has a chance of success but it’s still a sign of the times.

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CCPA on Track for July 1 Enforcement

Attorney General of California

Closer to certain: the California Attorney General submitted its final regulations for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) just in time to allow enforcement to begin on July 1. There was no substantive change from the March 11 draft, which notably required that companies honor global do-not-track settings without receiving a direct request.

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And More: 1touch.io Raises $14 Million, BigID and Privatar Integrate, Magic Launches ID Platform

PR Web

Finally, we have a $14 million Series A for 1touch.io, which discovers personal data in enterprise systems. Competitors include BigID, Okera, Spirion, DataGrail, Dathena, and OneTrust. I’ll also sneak in an integration between BigID and privacy management platform Privatar, an application development framework from BigID , and launch of blockchain-based decentralized identity management platform Magic with $4 million in funding.

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