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February 15, 2017

Customer Experience Is More Than Marketing

Customer Experience Is Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations: Convey Survey


Customer experience involves more than just marketing. A survey from delivery technology vendor Convey found that 83% of retail supply chain professionals see customer experience as a company-wide goal and 67% said greater control of customer experience is crucial or very important in their own area of delivery. You won’t be surprised to learn that data is a key to success: nearly 72% said better access to information on in-transit shipments by consumer service, operations and logistics teams is crucial or very important. Shared access to customer data? Sounds like a job for a Customer Data Platform.

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Zift Solutions Launches Integrated “Channel as a Service”

Zift Solutions

Another customer experience that marketers don’t control directly is what happens in their channel organizations, whether branches, agents, or independent dealers and distributors. There’s a whole universe of systems for channel management which are generally separate from consumer-facing marketing systems even though they have similar features. Zift Solutions is one of the leaders in that space. Zift has just launched what it calls “channel as a service”, which integrates previously separate channel solutions for planning, partner recruitment, partner enablement, demand generation, customer transactions and lifecycle management. It’s more evidence for Raab’s Law (that integrated suites displace best-of-breed point solutions), if you’re keeping score.

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86% of Consumers Rate Good Customer Experience a Reason to Share Data: Janrain Survey


Here's a reminder why customer experience is important: a recent Janrain survey that found that “good customer experience” is the single most important factor in convincing consumers to share personal data. Experience was important to 86% of consumers, ahead even of control over communications (78%), compelling loyalty programs (74%) and promising not to share data with third parties (71%). But it’s not all about feeling warm and fluffy: 62% said they’d register to receive a product discount.

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