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July 8, 2020

SoftBank Separates Arm from Treasure Data

SoftBank Separates Arm from Treasure Data


Arm plans to spin off its IoT Services Group, which includes the Treasure Data CDP, into a separate company owned by SoftBank Group and its affiliates. SoftBank also owns Arm, so this is more a reshuffling than sale. It might make a future sale easier although no one has hinted that’s the plan.

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StrategyBox Raises $2 Million for Journey Mapping and Recommendations

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Customer journey mapping is a hot space. It just got a bit hotter with a $2 million seed round for StrategyBox, a marketing analytics platform that builds journey maps. They use AI to recommend the most effective content, ads, and actions.

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Mediafly Helps Sales and Marketing Share Content


Mediafly is a sales enablement platform that mostly helps to build tailored interactive presentations. But they just spread their wings (get it?) with a content hub that marketers can use too. It’s another example of sales/marketing tech convergence if you want a bigger picture.

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